To eliminate technical failures, intraoperative quality control of the reconstruction is important. Furthermore, such investigations can also be helpful in planning the procedure and in giving an indication of the long-term prognosis of the operation. Perform cardiac imaging, measure blood flow and receive immediate feedback on how well a graft is functioning. The MiraQ™ Vascular System provides objective, quantifiable feedback on how well a graft is functioning during an operation. Adequate graft perfusion is crucial for successful liver transplantations.

MiraQ Cardiac

Improve surgical outcomes, demonstrate quality, and increase cost-efficiency.

Combining the spatial information from epicardial ultrasound imaging and quantitative data from TTFM enables the surgeon to perform a prompt and accurate assessment, and revise the graft when necessary.

User friendly

Easy to use software tailor made to accommodate the combination of ultrasound imaging and transit time flow measurement


Adjustable display arm ensures good visibility under all conditions


Reduce the complexity of operation by using applications with pre defined settings


Practical storage for user manual and interface cables


Connect to external screens and the hospital information systems using the easily accessible media panel


Systems can easily be upgraded to imaging with minimal down-time


Spatial efficient design allows for flexible system placement and movement in the operating room