Modular Operating Theatre (MOT)

MOT operating room stands for Modular Operating Theatre. This system is often used in operating rooms where this system works in an integrated manner in one control panel so that the system can work more effectively and efficiently.

Regulations of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia

Provisions for operating room MOT are listed in PERMENKES RI No. 1204/MENKES/SK/X/2004 so that every hospital must comply. In these provisions, it is written several standards that make MOT, for example walls and ceilings must be insulated with PUF, EPS or Stainless Steel panels.

In addition, other provisions that must be complied with are isolation doors (automatic sliding doors), UV lamps to control pathogens, angled bacteriostatic floors, laminar airflow reaching the operating table, modern operating table, precise filtration in air conditioning and air distribution systems, and sterile corridor. Not only that, MOT in the operating room must also have MGPS (Medical Gas Pipeline System), light pendants with flexible arms, precise indicators on surgeon control panels and electrical panels, scrub stations, complete utility pendants, and clean or dirty static / dynamic boxes. also need to pay attention to standardization.

The following are sample pictures and videos of our MOT products